Jonas Grünwald

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A place in the woods

An off- and online exhibition and event platform in the Hardtwald, Karlsruhe GER, a temporary sculpture in public space with a three-month artist programme.

With many others.

A trail camera takes an image of the space in a fixed interval and uploads it to the website. An interactive timeline of all the images taken throughout the project duration serves as an archive of the project.


Capturing and deconstructing movements from fixed perspectives.

Talking to my brother

An interface between an individual and a Brother MFC-8460N Multi-function printer.

The room installation explores a more intimate way of interacting with a commonplace consumer electronics device.

An individual feeds a message on a piece of paper into the printer to be scanned, and then allows the printer to respond by placing the paper back into the paper feeder.

The printer then prints a response on the same paper and passes it back to the individual, who may then respond once again and repeat the cycle, creating a dialogue.

Degree project for Goldsmiths MA Computational Arts

Post-doom scrolling

Wooden-wheel based interactive installation, combining several video clips and real-time 3D rendering.

Hyper Vol. 1 & Neueste Beiträge

For accidental interest books: A collection of preserved specimen from German message board culture of the last decades, and a paper to wrap books in.

What if it's all about the structure?

A web browser that renders web pages by displaying their nested HTML element hierarchy with three dimensional objects. No content, all structure.

Distancing Space

A live online event and art space, allowing people to come together in times of social distancing.

Gruppo Due

A pleasant virtual space and a speaking stone for our friendly type foundry.


An experiment in procedurally generated apparel – a fully automated system was set up, to generate designs and apply them to arbitrary clothing items every day, which would be automatically printed and shipped when bought via the online shop. The system generated a new set of products for sale every day for six months before it was shut down. Since I never publicly advertised this project, only myself and one friend ever bought any of the items.

“Please do contact me for any other offers or proposals.“

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