Hi there 馃憢

Glad you made it here!
I'm Jonas, and here is some of my recent work:

Gruppo Due

A pleasant virtual space and a speaking stone for our friendly type foundry.

With Massimiliano Audretsch, Bruno Jacoby, Moritz Appich.


Distancing Space

A live online event and art space, allowing people to come together in times of social distancing.

With Bruno Jacoby.



A new collection of apparel items with thematically related designs, procedurally generated based on existing media is released every day without human intervention.

Items are available for purchase for one day.



A fictional-but-real computing environment and framework containing interactive experiences and tools for creating pieces of digital media.

Exploration into how content creation tools interact with you.

(COOL-CHAIN COOL CHAIN CoolChain cOOl cHAIn cool chain)


Collages & Compositions

Ongoing work with procedurally generated works consisting of fragments collected from processed pieces of online media.

All pieces are generated in a completely autonomous process without human interaction.

Output Twitter BotGallery


Lighters identifiable through a unique code are passed from person to person. Each carrier gets access to the lighters page and may share their location, a text passage and an image to it.

Investigation into the story of an object.


If you'd like to get in touch, or see some of the other projects I work on, please consult the table below.