Hi there 👋

Glad you made it here!
I'm Jonas, and here is some of my recent work:

A Place in the Woods

An off- and online exhibition and event platform in the Hardtwald, Karlsruhe GER, a temporary sculpture in public space with a three-month artist programme.

With many others.


Talking to my brother

Interactive installation for the 2021 Goldsmiths Computational Arts degree show



Live talkshow space for HfG Karlsruhe Communication Design Department

With Bruno Jacoby.


Post-Doom Scrolling

Interactive wooden-wheel based work.


Ligatures: Snake, Sun, Cloud, Hand, Triangle

Installation for the exhibition “Pictograms, Signs of Life emojis : The Society of the Signs” at Leopold-Hoesch-Museum Düren.

With Bruno Jacoby, Moritz Appich.

Instagram Post · More Information


A digital home and archive for non-commercial music label and artist collective 76666.


Gruppo Due

A pleasant virtual space and a speaking stone for our friendly type foundry.

With Massimiliano Audretsch, Bruno Jacoby, Moritz Appich.

Website · Instagram

Distancing Space

A live online event and art space, allowing people to come together in times of social distancing.

With Bruno Jacoby.



A new collection of apparel items with thematically related designs, procedurally generated based on existing media is released every day without human intervention.

Items are available for purchase for one day.

Website · Gallery


A fictional-but-real computing environment and framework containing interactive experiences and tools for creating pieces of digital media.

Exploration into how content creation tools interact with you.

(COOL-CHAIN COOL CHAIN CoolChain cOOl cHAIn cool chain)

Website · Gallery

Collages & Compositions

Ongoing work with procedurally generated works consisting of fragments collected from processed pieces of online media.

All pieces are generated in a completely autonomous process without human interaction.

Output Twitter Bot · Gallery


Lighters identifiable through a unique code are passed from person to person. Each carrier gets access to the lighters page and may share their location, a text passage and an image to it.

Investigation into the story of an object.


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